Ideal Health Organization (IHO) was founded in July 2021 as an independent Kenyan NGO led and staffed by dynamic Kenyan professionals who are known and valued partners by national and county governments, health workers, professional associations, and union leaders, donors, and implementing partners. IHO embodies the legacy of investing in human resources for health and indigenous partner capacity in Kenya.

Over the past 15 years, our leadership team has worked side-by-side with the Ministry of Health and international donors to formulate policies, guidelines and strategies; establish structures and systems for delivery of high-quality health services; train health workers and their managers; and deploy information platforms that form the bedrock of the nation’s health workforce system and health system.

IHO is an organization on a mission to improve the delivery of essential healthcare services through better preparation, performance, and management of human resources and strengthened health systems. We aim to do this by partnering with several donors and implementation partners on several projects that shall lead to the achievement of this mission.